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Mecca is one of the largest cities in Saudia Arabia. it’s also the holiest place for Muslims from all around the world because the Holy Kaaba is situated in Mecca. Each year around 2.5 million Muslims visit Holy Kaaba to perform their pilgrimage. it’s also considered because the city that never sleeps because the least bit times, the Muslims offer their prayers facing Kaaba.

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Geography of Mecca

Mecca is found at an elevation of roughly 277 m (909 ft) from the ocean level and it’s around 80 KM aloof from the sea. within the year 2019, the entire population of Mecca is approximately 2,005,000. because of the presence of holy Kaaba, the town is consistently visited by pilgrims and Muslims each day.

Climate of Mecca

The climate of Mecca is sometimes warm. The coldest month of the year is January with the very best temperature around 30.5 degrees Celsius and therefore the lowest average temperature around 18.5 degrees Celsius. On the opposite hand, June is that the hottest month of the year in mecca, with the bottom average temperature around 28.6 degrees Celsius and the highest average temperature of approximately 43.8 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall can be expected in every month except June with November being the month with most rainfall around the year.

Places to go to in Mecca

Since Mecca has the holy Kaaba, therefore it holds significant importance among the Muslims around the planet. Places that are of great importance to Muslims include Kaaba, Masjid al-haram, Masjid al-haram, Zamzam well, Cave Hira and Jabal Al Nour.

These places are holy places, but they are extremely beautiful and anyone can visit these amazing places and get a mesmerizing feeling from them.

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