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Pattaya is considered as the heart of Thailand. Almost each and every individual who wishes to tour the world, definitely visits Pattaya because of its beauty and Thai culture. Local people of Pattaya are highly friendly and their hospitality is something that needs to be experienced by everyone. Their attitude towards tourists is amazing and overwhelming. 

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Geography of Pattaya

Pattaya is an island located at the southeast of Bangkok at a distance of approximately 165 kilometers. It has an area of 208 square kilometers and has a 15-kilometer-long and scenic coastline. The total population of Pattaya is approximately 97,296.

Climate of Pattaya

The overall temperature of Pattaya is mostly warm with an average temperature around 29 degrees Celsius during daytime. Pattaya experiences mild cold weather between the months of November and February with the average temperature around 21 to 22 degrees Celsius. The warm weather can be experienced during March, April and May with average temperature around 32-32 degrees Celsius.

The average rainfall in Pattaya is 1241 mm or 48.9 inch per year. The most rainfall is expected in the month of October with an average 240 mm in the month.

Tourist Attractions of Pattaya

There are hundreds of beautiful places in Pattaya that are a must visit for every tourist. Some of these places include Walking Street, Sanctuary of Truth, Tiffany Cabaret Show, Pattaya Floating Market, and Water Parks. These places are extremely beautiful and should be on your priority list if you are visiting Thailand. Also, these places are like heaven and will make you forget all the stress in your life and you will be completely relaxed.

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