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Shenzhen, a city in China, is a really good spot for tourism due to its diversity and cultural values. People who love to tour the world definitely visit Shenzhen in their tour. Also, China is promoting tourism, therefore, it makes it easier for individuals around the world to come and explore the city.

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Climate of Shenzhen

The climate of Shenzhen is subtropical, therefore, its weather is mild with a lot of rainfall and sunshine all year round. The summer in Shenzhen lasts for almost six months but it does not get overly hot. On the other hand, winter is really short but not extremely cold. On an average, the month of august experiences the most rainfall. The average temperature whole year is 22 C (72 F), therefore, tourists can visit the city at any time of the year.

Geography of Shenzhen

Shenzhen is narrowly long city with a total area of 2050 square kilometers approximately. It has a population of 1.32 million and it faces the sea while standing against the mountain. It is one of the most beautiful coastal city of China.

Tourism in Shenzhen

There are many places in Shenzhen that must be a top priority for tourists in Shenzhen. Some of them include china folk culture village, dafen oil painting village, COCO park, Shenzhen bay park and Wutong mountain. These are the must visit places in Shenzhen. Other than that, the culture of local individuals is another thing that should be observed with great attention as it is very distinct and amazing.

If you are visiting china, then it’s our advice that you should definitely visit Shenzhen once in your life before.


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