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Moscow is the cosmopolitan city of Russia and it situated on the west side of the country. The president’s home is located at the historic center of the city called Kremlin. People from different parts of the world visit Moscow every year to enjoy their annual vacations with their loved ones.

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Geography of Moscow

Moskva river that flows through almost entire central Russia, has Moscow situated on its bank.The total area of the city is 994 sq. km with 49 bridges that are spread over the entire city to ensure smooth inter-city travels. The total population of the city is approximately 12,476,000.

Climate of Moscow

The climate of the city is classified as continental. The city experiences very cold winter from the month of November to March with the average temperature dropping to -20 degree Celsius. Every year in winters, there are approximately 175 frost days. The city also experiences abundance of snowfall every year. From the month of June to August, the city experiences warm weather with average temperature around 30-35 degree Celsius. Every year, the city experiences rainfall with an average of 690 millimeters (27 inches) per year.

Tourist Attractions in Moscow

Tsaritsyno Palace, VDNKh, Kremlin Armoury, GUM (Department Store), Moscow Metro and Arbat Street are the few of the many beautiful places in the city. These places are extremely beautiful and each of them holds certain level of significance, therefore, they cannot be missed if you are visiting Moscow. The view in these places are spectacular and would definitely relieve the stress from your body.


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