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Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. The city is the heart of Czech Republic tourism and because of its beauty and mesmerizing nature, people from different parts of the world visit Prague and spend their vacations. The city is not much expensive therefore, it’s a top priority for tourists having low budget as well.

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Geography of Prague

The city Prague is located in center of Europe and it is surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. It is the largest city of Czech Republic. The total area of Prague is 496 km² and the city’s total population is approximately 1.319 million. It is also the sixth-richest district in EU. The city is located 399 meters above sea level.

Climate of Prague

The overall climate of Prague is characterized as moderately continental and the city often experiences temperature below 0 degree Celsius. The city has extreme winter conditions between December and February with average temperature around -1 to -3 degree Celsius. From June to August, the average temperature is approximately 22 to 24 degree Celsius.

The city does not experience much of rain but it does have snow fall every year without a gap due to its cold temperatures.

Tourist Attractions of Prague

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, The National Museum, The Clementinum and the National Library, St. Vitus Cathedral are few of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city. They are a must visit places for every tourist that is planning to travel to Prague.


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