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Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria. Due to its beautiful locations, a large number of movies are shot in the city. The city is considered few of the most beautiful cities around the world. It does have a lot of places that must be visited at least once in lifetime.

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Geography of Sofia

Sofia is located on the west side of the country Bulgaria below Vitosha Mountain. On the north side of the city, Balkan Mountains is situated. The total population of the city is 1,277,000 while the total area is 1344 km2. The city is situated at an elevation of 550 meters above sea level. 

Climate of Sofia

The climate of Sofia is classified as moderate and continental. The city experiences some extreme cold winters and moderate summers. The winter season starts from December and ends in February with average temperature dropping below 0 degree Celsius. The summer season starts in June and ends in August and the average temperature during the season is 25 to 27 degree Celsius. The city also experiences some short heat waves and temperature rises to 36 to 38 degree Celsius. 

Tourist Attractions of Sofia

The city is filled with a lot of beautiful places that must be visited by each and every tourist.These places include St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, St. George Rotunda, Vitosha Boulevard, St. Sofia Church and Boyana Church. These places have significant religious importance they should be visited. Our sincere recommendations to all our readers who are planning a trip to Sofia, do visit these places otherwise you would miss the true beauty and culture of the city.


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